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The History of Stanford Builders Supply

HR “Short” Saufley Ill was born and raised in Stanford, KY, and his visions for the community have made a huge difference in Lincoln County. He was born in 1935 and grew up attending Stanford School and later the University of Kentucky, where he majored in Civil Engineering. Graduating in 1957, he joined the United States Army where he became Lt. Colonel and a helicopter pilot. He flew missions during the Berlin Crisis while stationed in Germany. Once his tour of duty was complete, he decided to move home to his roots where he has remained since.

Although his father encouraged him to go into the family business, he decided that he wanted to accomplish something separately and found the opportunity to buy out Hastie's Hardware in 1963. He negotiated with directors of Stanford Development Cooperation (W.G. Morgan, H.I. Frisby, Pat Rankin, J.S. Baughman) and obtained the building many knew as the old Cowden's Factory/ Skating Ring located on the corner of U.S. Highway 27 and Main to open his business, Builders Supply. He has spoken many a time of how he and  a buddy, Bob Noe, moved all of the contents that he had to start the business in one pick-up truckload!

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When Short was just starting his business and still flying the helicopter in the reserve, he was required to log a certain amount of flight time per month. At the time, the reserve allowed him keep the helicopter in Stanford. Many local contractors have told the story of looking up and seeing Short land in their building site to deliver a pound of nails. He always has liked to go above and beyond to take care of others (no pun intended!)

The principles that Short founded Builders Supply on are still in effect today:
1) Provide a family of knowledgeable personnel with years of expertise and experience
2) Provide the kind of service you would personally like to receive
3) Stock quality material
4) Establish solid relationships with the residents of the local community
5) Invest in your local community

Speaking of which - there is rarely a school fundraiser or local charitable organization that Builders Supply turns away. Our philosophy is simple: take care of the community and they will take care of you.

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In 1987, daughter Lee graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park Florida. Upon graduation, she worked for a property development company in Atlanta, GA, for three years before moving home to join her father in the family business. She brought her design skills to Builders Supply and we now offer complimentary design consultations for any customer building or remodeling a house with Builders Supply.

The business continued to grow as modern technology and ideas were implemented into the business. In addition to lumber; flooring, paint, and cabinetry became a huge part of our business. We wanted to be a one-stop shop where a homeowner could secure everything they may need to build a house.

In early 2000, Short and Lee realized that they were going to have to build a new home center in order to stay competitive in the market. The new store was opened in September of 2007. It was strategically designed to be a signature Do It Best Store. We wanted it to reflect the tradition and history of our community.

The new location, built adjacent to the old one, featured all anyone would need to make their house into their dream home. Remodeling became a huge part of our business, which led to the building of a new warehouse to accommodate the overflow of windows, doors, cabinets and flooring.

Today, Short and Lee continue to surround themselves with amazing employees. They are a huge part of the secret to our success. Short has always believed in taking care of his employees. He says that we spend more waking time with the people that we work with than we do our own families. We have always had a deep sense of loyalty to them and looked at them at an extension of our own family.

Our phones continue to ring and Builders Supply has been a blessing to our family. We support our community and our community has been very good to us. We continue to operate under the same principles and guidelines in which the company was founded.

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